Bind - one pc,two ips ,two dns servers

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Mon Dec 1 00:48:07 UTC 2008

Res wrote:
> On Sun, 30 Nov 2008, Chan Chung Hang Christopher wrote:
>> servers or handling 24,000 queries per second as caching servers (NO,
>> BIND does not cut it). I have setup 'stealth' masters with slaves doing
> Your not as offay with BIND as you think you are if your BIND boxes cant
> handle 24K queries p/sec.

Heh. Glad you tried to support your claims of my lack of skill/knowledge 
in running a BIND caching service with a souped up dual Xeon 3Ghz box 
loaded with RAM in your other post.

My guesstimates for 24k queries/sec came from having six mail servers, 
each configured to handle 800 connections. The actual figure could well 
be much higher.

The dns caching box assigned to handle that load has two paltry Pentium 
III 800Mhz cpus and a mere 1 GB of RAM. dnscache handles them without a 
hiccup. BIND took the box out right after it was started. BIND is a 
piece of rubbish as a caching server compared to that single-threaded, 
authoritative server abusing dnscache.

I guess I should have added 'on the same hardware' when I did the 

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