How to run the Alternate CD from USB-Stick?

Karl Larsen k5di at
Sat Aug 23 15:09:39 UTC 2008

Hadmut Danisch wrote:
> Hi,
> I am just trying to install Ubuntu on one of these new cheap small notebooks
> without a CDROM drive (MSI Wind). I therefore have to use a USB stick.
> While there are good descriptions and tools to put the desktop LiveCD
> on a USB stick and even use persistant storage on,
> there are no hints about how to put the alternate CD on a USB stick.
> For some installation features (e.g. LVM and disk encryption) the alternate
> CD is required.
> I tried to copy it on a USB stick and to boot it with syslinux, which worked
> as expected (copied isolinux.cfg to syslinux.cfg), the installation
> procedure
> fails with the error message that it does not find a CDROM drive.
> Any idea how to run the alternate installation from a USB pendrive?
> regards
> Hadmut
    I see no reason why the Alternate CD could not be put on a USB 
stick. There might be a problem getting it to boot, but once booted it 
should be fine. You only need a 1GB devise :-)



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