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no one?:S

On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 9:26 PM, Lorand Erik <lammmer80 at> wrote:

> i have [again] :\ two questions:
> i have ubuntu 8.04.1, and running vmware 1.0.6 build-91891
> 1) why is that, that i install a guest os on vmware server and, when the
> guest os runs [or i power off, or suspend it, not matters] the host os
> keyboard just turn crazy, i mean, for example i open gedit, i press any
> button, and it closes, [just like i would pressed alt+f4] but the funny
> thing is, not all apps close when i hit any key, example: Firefox,
> Vmware...:D after a reboot, it OK again, for the next guest os launch on
> wmvare...formerly i used virtualbox, but it wasn't good in networking, i
> always had error's that no one can fix, so i tried vmware, but here's this
> "i press any key, and an app just close..." thing:S
> 2) it maybe a lame quetion [but it goes to mail-archives:)] that, i can't
> see any shared folder on my network, in ubuntu:| and i can't even share,
> because the other computers [xp dont see samba] neither don't see my pc on
> the network. [i used to sudo nautilus, and then i right click a folder, and
> share, but it just don't work+i set in smb.conf that the shared folder is
> browseable, i set the workgroup, but no] - is there a working description
> for ubuntu, how to share a folder [even in console:S]
> thank you
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