neuros OSD PVR?

Marco Fioretti mfioretti at
Tue Aug 5 04:42:05 UTC 2008

On Tue, Aug 05, 2008 03:32:48 AM +0000, thufir wrote:
> I like the neuros OSD:
> It looks like a good way to back up VHS, and DVD, onto a hard drive.
> I assume that you can just plug the pc into the device with ethernet
> cable, since it has a port?

you have to configure it first,to use the ethernet cable (and I assume
it should be a crossed cable, if you connect to a pc and not to a
hub), using the OSD remote and its own configuration interface through
the TV: the OSD supports both static configuration or DHCP, it's
exactly like configuring networking during a Linux install. Actually
it *IS* just that, because the OSD runs Linux. And can be hacked, too!

> But, how do you go about recording a tv show, use it as a personal
> video recorder, using it as a sort of streamer, capturing data on
> the pc?  There's no coaxial input for the cable box :(

Yes, it is possible to record a TV show directly to a USB drive or PC
drive... but only if it is attached to a TV or VCR.. The OSD is
explicitly designed to connect a TV or VCR to a PC or digital storage
unit. It is NOT meant to connect directly to a TV antenna, that is
what TV tuner cards for PC are for. But the OSD is aimed at different
scenario and use cases, it doesn't want to replace that hardware.

More info is on the ODF forums at In a few more
days, the OSD review I wrote for Linux Journal, which contains more
info and tips on these same themes, will also be available to

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