samba problems

Paul pkaplan1 at
Sun Aug 3 11:59:55 UTC 2008

I'm trying to set up a simple LAN with a samba server on the linux box.

I am able to access windows shares from the linux side, but no matter what I 
do, I haven't been able to get to a defined samba share from any machine, 
including the linux box.  The linux box appears in network neighborhood or 
smb4k, and I've sometimes gotten the shares to display, but I always get met 
by user/password dialog, that I can't get past.

Ultimately, I want to allow access from the windows side to samba by a single 
windows user and deny access to others.

Does anyone have a sample smb.conf file that would require only minimal 
modifications?  Alternatively, can you point me to a simple HOWTO?

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