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Davide Corio davide.corio at domsense.com
Sat Aug 2 21:39:28 UTC 2008

Il giorno sab, 02/08/2008 alle 15.31 -0600, Karl Larsen ha scritto:
> Notice that /dev/sad6 and gvfs-fuse-daemon have exactly the same size 
> but one is mounted on / and the other is /home/karl/.gvfs which is wierd 
> since .gvfs is an empty directory.
>     What is the gvfs-fuse-daemon?

it's everything ok

gvfs is the new gnome-virtual-filesystem , which is responsible to mount
remote fs like samba shares.
Fuse is a driver (and daemon) used by gvfs to mount remote fs via ssh,
ftp, webdav or other protocols.

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