newbie's question on file permission

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Both read and write permissions are supported with NTFS in Linux
through the FUSE module. In Ubuntu this support can be installed by
using Synaptic to install the ntfs-3g package. Since 7.04 Feisty Fawn,
ntfs-3g has been the default for mounting NTFS partitions. Once you
mount the volume with ntfs-3g then you may use POSIX styled file
permissions on all files.
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many thanks!  all of you. how can I change the permission for whole

2008/8/1 Zhengguo Xu <tworiversfolk at>

> Thanks a lot, Zack!! it indeed is FAT32 disk. I do need to connect
> disk to windows from time to time, but I had the impression that
NTFs is not
> best support by Linx. or am I completely wrong about it? writing to
> disk in linux is now perfectly normal?
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>> Hi,
>> The reason permissions don't change on your USB stick is because
>> USB disk is formatted in a filesystem that does not support POSIX
>> style file permissions. If its FAT16 or FAT32, which it is most
>> is, it doesn't support any type of file permissions. To solve this
>> issues you will have to reformat your USB disk to a POSIX compliant
>> filesystem (NTFS would be the best choice for compatibility with
>> Windows).
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>> Subject: newbie's question on file permission
>> Greeting all!
>> Recently I encounted a strange problem (or it maybe very obvious
>> you
>> guys) while copying files and I'd like to ask a question on file
>> permission
>> in linux.
>> I have a file, lets say 'biology.ppt' and it has permission as
>> and i
>> am the owner and it belongs to group 'root'
>> -rwx------
>> i want to change it to group, say, 'test', and give permissions to
>> everyone
>> to read and write and execute, what's wrong when I run the
>> command?
>> sudo chgrp test biology.ppt
>> sudo chmod 777 biology.ppt
>> nothing happened when i run these commands and i tried them with
>> without
>> sudo. the file still has the permission -rwx------ and root is
>> the
>> group.
>> if it matters, the file is on a usb disk mounted in /media
>> i also tried to create some file in my home directory and i can
>> it as
>> i want with the same command.
>> any help would be greatly appreciated.
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