8.04 LTS Fails Install Error 16

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Sun Apr 27 17:31:46 UTC 2008

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  Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2008 10:03:27 +0000

  did you try both cds ... desktop(live) and alternate ?
  if none works try the server install & finish your way up with

  As I wrote previsously, I tried installing from the CD's and also in
  doing a 8.04 LTS upgrade using the software update manager from a
  fresh install of 7.10 that was working, all resulting in the error 16
  inconsistent filesystem structure.  I googled this error for hardy
  and did get a lot of hits.  I don't think the results of doing the
  server install followed apt-get install of the desktop would yeild
  any different results as I do believe it is some sort of a hardware
  compatibility issue.  I threw a WindowsXP image on the suspect hard
  drive and it is working fine as well.  Kind of a bummer as I had
  ubuntu 7.04 working on this laptop and it worked really well, had it
  on there for last year.  I don't know at this point if it is a grub
  loader issue or if the hard drive is getting scrambled in the
  installing 8.04 LTS.

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