how to install vmware workstation

Clayton smaug42 at
Wed Apr 30 13:49:38 UTC 2008

>  I just switched to Kubuntu on my desktop and everything works great.
>  But one thing I really miss is a package of vmware-workstation or at
>  least something that will build one (as with google-earth). I don't
>  want to install using the tgz...
>  Am I missing something here?

The tgz as provided from VMWare works fine.  It has a shell script
installer that you launch and answer the questions.

But... as usual with VMWare, it will only install on/with kernels that
were current at the time of the release of the version of VMWare that
you are using.... so... you need to use the Any-Any patch, and copy a
couple of libs around.

So.. assuming you have VMWare Workstation, start the VMWare install
shell script.  ( sudo ./ )  and answer the questions.
 When it gets to the point where it asks you if it should launch the script answer No.

Download the AnyAny update patch from here:

Unzip it and run the installer ( sudo ./ )  Answer any
questions it asks you.  It should offer to run the
script as part of the patch.  Answer Yes, and follow the prompts of
the config script.  The defaults should be fine.  It will compile the
bits it needs for you... you should be able to just sit back and watch
it, only needing to nudge it when it asks a new question.

If you use the VMWare management console you will need to do one
additional step...

sudo cp /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/vmware/lib/
sudo cp /lib/ /usr/lib/vmware/lib/

This is what I did to get my VMWare Workstation and Player installed.
Works fine.

Note:  VirtualBox is a lot easier to use and install (the Open Source
Edition is even in the Ubuntu repositories, and the full release
binary from VirtualBox is available in DEB for Ubuntu from, and in most (but not all cases) an equal choice... I
use it generally more than VMWare, but VMWare still does a few things
better... so in those cases VMWare still has a home on my computer.


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