Fwd: Ubuntu 8.04 connecting to Exchange 2007 via owa

steve sfreilly at roadrunner.com
Tue Apr 29 22:08:07 UTC 2008

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Mario Vukelic wrote:
| On Tue, 2008-04-29 at 14:16 +0200, kapil misra wrote:
|> I am currently having a problem connecting to our mail server which
|> runs exchange 2007 from Ubuntu 8.04(Hardy Heron)/Gnome version 2.22.1,
|> I get the error as illustrated in the screen shot(attached) & i am
|> desperate for a solution, if unable to help referrals would be highly
|> appreciated as changing of software IE (downgrades) is not an option,
|> I have tried accessing owa from the browser as well but to no avail &
|> researched countless web related articles with no luck.
| I have never used the Exchange connector, but I have a gut feeling that
| the error message you see is very explicit, probably with a reason.

well, judging from the error message its not going to work with the
connector. just use the web version of owa.  I use it everyday for work,
does fine in windows, ubuntu, debian, suse, tried all four.

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Steve Reilly


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