Xsane 0.991 crash when it search for scanner

Nisse Nordlund nisse.ngn at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 20:07:17 UTC 2008


I have a 'HP PSC 1210 aio'. That include scanner.

The printer is installed via CUPS (http://localhost:631/). The other 
ways don't work.

One as: socket:// (for the printer fuction which 
function well)

And as: ptal:// (read somewhere that this vas the proper 
way for scanning)

I have a D-LINK DIR-120 as router (with dhcp enabled) and the 'HP PSC 
1210 aio' connected to the USB and the PrintServer activated (I can print).

When I start Xsane 0.991 the small search pane went black and the 
application crash.

Any suggests? How To solve this.


N-G Nordlund

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