Ubuntu 8.04 Is Ready to Take On Windows

Davide Corio davide.corio at domsense.com
Tue Apr 29 18:22:49 UTC 2008

Il giorno mar, 29/04/2008 alle 11.09 -0700, michael wilson ha scritto:
> One thing needs to be fixed before Ubuntu takes on windows.  The
> ability to totally nuke the boot process through the package manager
> needs to be removed.  There is NO WAY I can make windows un-bootable
> through add/remove programs.   Yet, I can remove a few packages with
> no warning and make ubuntu not boot and unable to run any programs
> requiring a complete clean reinstall.

Actually, you CANNOT make ubuntu unbootable untill you don't have the
root password.
If a user deletes an important package, i suppose it knows what it is
going to do.

In windows, you can make the system unbootable just deleting some files.

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