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PEDRO MACANAS VALVERDE macanas_ped at gva.es
Mon Apr 28 12:48:27 UTC 2008

De: Pierre Frenkiel
Enviado el: sáb 26/04/2008 15:45
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Asunto: Re: unattended update-manager

>   hi,
   I don't understand you point. There are several ways to achieve the desired result,
   each of them seeming not so hard to do:
     1/ postpone all the choices about config files to the end of the upgrade
     2/ provide a flag --keep ==> keep the user's file, and create xx.conf-new
     3/ provide a flag --replace ==> move the user's file to xx.conf-old
          and put in place the new file.
     in cases 2 and 3, the user can very easily, after the upgrade,
     review all config files, and do what he/she wants.

Is there any list of conf-new  / conf-old files (or a script to detect them) related to a new installation ?. This would be interesting to backup.
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