[Hardy]How do I downgrade Openoffice2.4 back to 2.3.1

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Sat Apr 26 22:35:42 UTC 2008

On 04/26/2008 02:44 PM, John Toliver wrote:

> I had the hardest time finding a complete installation.  I went to the
> OOo website and could only find links for 2.4, and I think I was finally
> able to get a torrent pointing to 2.3.1 but no seeders.  I eventually
> did it by backing up my Hardy "sources.list" file and replacing it with
> Gutsy "sources.list" and then forcing.  I'm probably going to do it
> again as I don't think everything is properly installed yet.

Standard OOo 2.3.1 is here:

  Pick a mirror close to you
I'll use OSU:

Note that that is *not* the same as the Ubuntu version. Ubuntu uses the
xiamian (Novell) branch version. However, database functions in the
standard OOo version are a bit better (IMHO) and you have better access
to additional address sources. To install follow the parallel install
info, otherwise you'll need to completely un-install the Ubuntu version.
Let me know if you help on either.

When you get things settle down a bit, can you please download and
install OOo3.0Beta to see if you still have the same issue? I've
nominated 87709 as a potential showstopper for 2.4.1, but need to know
if this also is occuring in 3.0Beta.  Link for 3.0B is here:

Download & move to a clean test/download directory:

Doubleclick the .gz file in Nautilus and extract into the directory.
Then install:

sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Note: installing 3B will *not* interfere with your exsisting (U)2.x or
any standard OOo installs, or your exising OOo user profiles. 3B profile
will be in .ooo-dev3.


cd /opt/ooo-dev3/program

Tell it that you don't want to do online updates or register. Test.
You can create a link to it in your Applications menu - right click
Applications, edit menus, the Office, "New Item" etc...


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