USB Drive sometimes auto mounts as read-only

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Sat Apr 26 21:41:30 UTC 2008

On Sat, Apr 26, 2008 at 4:58 PM, Anna EdwARds <ash.1574 at> wrote:

>  I would actually do it as ext3 (2 gb or more) or ext2 (otherwise)

I certainly agree, but I don't think my fourth machine, a Windows XP
can read ext2 or ext3 partitions.  Am I wrong?

My strength is database, and I do most of my database work on unix
but I am no Unix/Linux system administrator.  Since I don't think I will
get all my necessary Windows applications to run under ubuntu, my other
is to install a Virtual Machine on the Windows XP system, so I can load
as a second OS, but I am not there yet.


> --- Original Message ---
> | My USB Drive sometimes auto mounts as a read-only file system on Ubuntu
> 7.10 i386 desktop.
> | This does not happen frequently, but when it does, it means I can't
> update any files on the drive.
> | How do I switch it to a read-write file system? Is there something I can
> do to keep it
> | from being mounted as read-only?
> | I have tried unmounting it and inserting it into another USB port, with
> the same results.
> | I am going to reboot my desktop to see if I can | resolve this issue. If
> that fails, I
> | intend to copy all the files off the USB drive, format it (as FAT32),
> and then restore the files.
> The reboot did not resolve the issue. Next, I will try copying the files
> from the USB drive,
> reformat it, and then put the files back on.
> Niels
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