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Anna EdwARds ash.1574 at
Sat Apr 26 20:41:46 UTC 2008

Yeah but i have access to neither a lawyer ('constitutional rights only belong to adults' and i am 13) nor the greater part of the internet

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Date: Sat Apr 26 13:12:48 PDT 2008
From: Nils Kassube 
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Subject: Re: Question about gpl

Anna EdwARds wrote:
> I have a question about the gpl license. If i have an open source
> product that is in-compatible with the gpl license, and if the license
> it  allready has dosn't strictly forbid it, could i release the new
> project under the gpl license? Like one currently under a microsoft
> open source license.

You may get some answers to your question, but you can't be sure if they 
are relevant. Only a lawyer can give you reliable answers to legal 


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