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Ioannis Vranos ivranos at
Sat Apr 26 18:11:34 UTC 2008

reader at wrote:
> Ioannis Vranos <ivranos at> writes:
>> reader at wrote:
>>> I'm amazed now using the server install that I still cannot get a
>>> command line during install.... I have to walk thru fdisk 1 primite
>>> screen at a time.
>>> Whats up with total avoidance of a simple command line?
>>> There appears to be no way to get a darned command line and just use
>>> fdisk like I've done so many linux distributions
>> Perhaps you should be better with Slackware or something.
> Just a word of explanation for my bitching...
> I wanted to install gentoo in vmware on windows vista but after many
> attempts and google fishing... It never happened.
> I switched to Ubuntu to see if it would install and boot... and presto
> ... it did on the first try  .. so nothing but kudos there.
> Once I started trying to use the new install I began to see how
> crippled it was in terms of doing things the unix/linux way,
> established over decades of linux and unix use.  And use of numerous
> distribution over the years.
> Some other distros also hide the command line but I've found there is
> usually some way provided to access it as root without running around
> chasing your tail.
> Apparently `sudo' is that way with Ubuntu, but only if your network
> dns is able to `find' your machine.  Or at least that appears to be
> the failure message when I attempted to use sudo to access root on a
> recent desktop install of ubuntu inside a vmware on MS vista.
> It seems like really poor design to have complicated and possibly no
> access to a root terminal.  Why not just establish a root passwd
> during install....? I can't imagine why designers would have opted to
> make that difficult.
> I'm not trying the server install.

Perhaps you should give a try to 7.10 desktop. This is what I am using
and sudo works out of the box. That is, perhaps your sudo problem is a
bug of the just released 8.04.

7.10 was released six months ago and is pretty stable.

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