Ubuntu 8.04 and Firefox 3 Beta 5

Christoph Bier christoph.bier at web.de
Fri Apr 25 15:34:13 UTC 2008

Mario Vukelic schrieb am 25.04.2008 16:07:

> On Fri, 2008-04-25 at 15:54 +0200, Christoph Bier wrote:
>> I don't want to blame anybody---I'm using FOSS which comes with
>> baggage. 
> But you act as if the same could not happen with OS X. I, however, am
> sure that you can also run into problems when you upgrade OS while
> having no backup and no time :)



>> Maybe I just have to admit that I can't take that kind of
>> responsibility using FOSS anymore.
> :) But again, it can happen with other OSes, too.

But then I can blame Apple for similar problems :-). And again, it
was just the last straw. Only this FF problem wouldn't be enough for
me to think about a different OS. But all of this hardware and
driver issues drive me crazy.

> Not to mention that
> other OSes don't even let you upgrade the complete system, at all.

So I have to make a complete new install for a new release? Is this
true? You can regard this as a rhetorical question as I'm getting OT

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