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Fri Apr 25 00:20:53 UTC 2008

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SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux wrote:

| Hi Steve
| You forgot the RC !
|> alpha > beta>  to LTS
| After beta> and before "to LTS" there is the RC !! ;-)
| Good luck & cheers, svobi
Hi, thanks, but even after I run apt-get update, and then update-manager
~ -d  it still reports no updates available?  I should already be past
the RC by now, isnt that the natural flow from alpha>beta>RC, then LTS?
~ I did the update-manager -d about 2 months ago, and chose the upgrade
to new release "hardy".

Maybe its got to do with the update servers overloaded due to the
release,? the only thing i can get is the bittorrent link, i already
downloaded 386 server, and 386 desktop and am seeding to help out.  Let
me tell you!! that was one fast download too, got both in less than an
hour, averaged 820kb/s DL between the 2!! (spikes almost 1000kb/s) , now
seeding at around 40 something.

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Steve Reilly

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