Ubuntu 7.10 and DVD-RAM

Markus Schönhaber ubuntu-users at list-post.mks-mail.de
Wed Apr 23 19:13:10 UTC 2008

Ioannis Vranos wrote:

> I ran Nautilus as a root and the copy & paste into the DVD-RAM disc
> works perfectly.

OK, it's indeed a permission problem.

> I changed the permissions of /media/cdrom and /media/cdrom0 to full
> permissions for my user account (john) recursively via Nautilus ran as
> root, while the DVD-RAM disc was mounted, but after unmounting and
> remounting, the permissions reported by right-clicking the DVD-RAM icon
> on the user desktop remain for root.
> In the mean-time the access permissions for /media/cdrom and
> /media/cdrom0 remain for john (my user account).
> Any ideas for enabling writing with my user account (apart from the
> current solution of running Nautilus via sudo), would be welcome.

Some examples that work fine for me:
sudo chmod a+w /media/cdrom0
for giving everyone write permission on the root of the disk,

sudo chown mks /media/cdrom0
changes ownership of the disk's root.

The disk has to be mounted to /dev/cdrom0, of course. And yes,
permissions/ownerships stick across umounting/mounting.


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