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Klett, Stefan stefan.klett at
Wed Apr 23 15:24:04 UTC 2008

Hello Everybody,

Currently I 'm feeling very puzzled by the correct way to build a custom
xen kernel for a minimal ubuntu hardy system which supports both domU
(I've got up and running ontop of  the precompiled xen-image) and dom0
which runs _only_ when the precompiled image is used (what is my task to
change it)

I#ve tried everything starting with the source package of the
linux-image-2.6.24-xen .deb - unpacked it patched everything manually
again - but no avail. (the kernel still gets stuck after the
Hypervisor-portion of the boot sequence is over - printing:
"relinquishing to vga console"

The first question I beg for your help to answer me is : is the kernel
source from above package _actually_ patched with the dom0 patches or is
this just a unbacked claim made in the comments of the patch - I found
only kvm stuff in while skimming the diff included in the package.

2) rethinking the situation -doubting the fact that the source as I
found it in the package is really capable to compile into a dom0 kernel
I considered the kernel headers from the linux-headers-2.6.24-12-xen
package - it occurred to me that the code 
included within this package appears to be more helpful to generate a
dom0 kernel - first : Am I right in this point (that means do I need the
header package) ?
second : if so - how do I integrate the headers with the kernel source
conforming to the Ubuntu way..? 

In short: could anyone point me to a document describing how-to build
the xen image kernel from the scratch out of the ubuntu packages ?

Many thanks in advance for your help and your time

Best regards

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