Not displaying logo during startup/shutdown

Glenn Holmer gholmer at
Wed Apr 23 08:18:07 UTC 2008

On Friday 18 April 2008 06:22:44 Peter Garrett wrote:
> On Fri, 18 Apr 2008 05:23:03 -0500
> Glenn Holmer <gholmer at> wrote:
> > And how about if I want to have more lines on the consoles?  When I
> > use e.g. vga=0x317, it looks terrible, and alt-F2 &c. don't work.
> If you are using Ubuntu 7.10 gutsy, there is a known frame buffer
> bug.
> If that is the problem, note that it is fixed in hardy kernels now.

Nope, this is on a fully updated Heron.  The consoles are actually 
there, but the characters on the screen look "faded" and are just 
barely visible.

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