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William Hammond tech at
Wed Apr 23 07:28:57 UTC 2008

At 12:11 AM 4/23/2008, you wrote:
>William Hammond wrote:
> > Sorry it I wasn't clear, I'm looking for the best tools to set up and
> > maintain a
> > Samba - Ubuntu Server 7.10.
> >
> > I'd like to install some kind of GUI, but one that I could call 
> with startx.
> > Leaving the system at the command line most of the time.
>  lists some potentials.  I don't know if
>they are part of the normal distribution.  As I said, I use SWAT and vi.  I
>suppose one question is...what is wrong with SWAT?

Since I just installed swat sudo apt-get install swat
I forgot about checking initd,
The command doesn't fail, it just doesn't come up and I have
to do a ctrl+c to abort.

Your a brave man for using vi,

I use these servers to run my application - Windows based.
I've got enough on my plate keeping up with .NET.

So I need to be able to perform basic Linux tasks without having
to become expert.

If I use OpenSuSE, it's very easy to manage with YAST, but it's a GUI, all the

I think Ubuntu would perform better, if it's set up right and I can 
go GUI with Startx.

Some books recommend X with something like Windowmaker, but I don't see those
options with Ubuntu

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