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Derek Broughton news at
Tue Apr 22 17:30:20 BST 2008

Florian Diesch wrote:

> Derek Broughton <news at> wrote:
>> Florian Diesch wrote:
>>> Derek Broughton <news at> wrote:
>>>> I have a satellite modem, and it's not uncommon for me to have no
>>>> connection to the Internet (eg, this won't be going out for some time,
>>>> as we haven't had a network connection for a week).
>>>> I want an HTTP proxy that is smart enough to return cached pages any
>>>> time it can't find the Internet, but all the proxies I've tried either
>>>> need to be manually switched to "offline",
>>> If it first tries to fetch the page from the net that means you have
>>> to wait for the DNS timeout on every page when you don't have
>>> net. IMHO that's close to unusable.
>> Huh?  That's what it should be doing anyway - and it _is_ unusable, now,
>> because what I get is a long wait for a DNS timeout, and then _no_ page
>> rather than the cache page.
> A proxy in offline mode doesn't need to try to connect the web server
> and so avoids waiting for the DNS timeout.

It was the matter of getting it _into_ offline mode...

Thanks for your help.  It looks like wwwoffle's going to do almost exactly
what I want - and with the cron script it'll be perfect.

Setting the wwwoffle timeout parameter to keep the cached page on a timeout
should solve the first issue - not getting a cache page back when the
Internet is unreachable - and then running the cron job every 5 minutes
will enable it to skip trying to get the page - so I'll have at most a 5
minute period of very slow access (my DNS timeout is actually set quite
short - it's very reliable when the net is available).  The wwwoffle -fetch
option is a nice bonus.

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