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On Sun, 2008-04-20 at 23:09 -0700, Jeffrey Tooker wrote:
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> On Sun, 20 Apr 2008, Jeffrey Tooker wrote:
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> > On Sun, 20 Apr 2008, Jeffrey Tooker wrote:
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> >> I went to the Thunderbird Wiki.  Under support it does not mention
> >> HTTP.  Is there an add on package which will let TB support HTTP?  My 
> >> mail service provider is HTTP.
> >>
> >> Jeffrey Tooker
> >> Paynes Creek Ca.
> >> 
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >
> > What mail service are you using? Generally HTTP is only going to be 
> > for
> > web-mail but many services also provide IMAP or POP3 access as well.
> >
> > -jayson>>>
> >
> > Jayson:
> >
> > It is an MSN email address.  It also ends up in Hotmail.  So I believe 
> > that is the reason for the HTTP.  Right now I am so hacked at MSN I 
> > will leave for Thunderbird and change my email address to the one 
> > provided by my ISP. This whole MSN thing has been getting more 
> > unfriendly for some time.  Now is a good a time to go as any.  Thanks 
> > to all for the help.
> >
> > Jeffrey Tooker
> > Paynes Creek Ca.
> >
> Jayson wrote:
> Sorry to hear of your troubles with MSN. You may want to give GMail a try. 
> I find it a little more flexible than an ISP provided email service, in 
> that you won't have to get a new email address if you change ISP's and 
> GMail gives you WAY more storage than most ISPs. Plus you have the 
> flexability to use Webmail, POP3 or IMAP. I personally use IMAP so that I 
> can access my mail with actuall mail clients (Alpine in my case) in 
> various locations without having to use the webmail interface (which I 
> hate).
> -jayson>>>
> Jayson:
> It sounds like good advice.  However I have a small problem in that I have
> several years of email files that I am trying to maintain.  Fortunatly they
> have been migrated over to Thunderbird.  I can work from there with my new
> email address.  I am retired here and here I will stay untill health drives
> me into town which is 30 mi down in the valley.  Hopefully I will be here
> many years.  Is there a way in TB to export my existing email files to a
> folder in the documents portion of my computer, rather than leaving them in
> TB?  I see that I am going to have to rethink my email archive.
> Jeffrey Tooker
> Paynes Creek Ca.

With GOOGLE one gets information about HTTP !!!
HTTP ist the protocol for a / the brower/s !!
Principially it has NOTHING to do with (e-) mails !

One exception:
With webmail one accesses an existing (e-)mail domain per browser i.e 
Blazer, Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, Safari, Seamonkey
and many others ...
... to get mails directly from there in the WWW like these:

Search again with GOOGLE !!!

With Thunderbird as (e-)mailer one accesses  its accounts direct to
download e-mails arrived on the respective accounts !!

HTTP is for browsing and not for mailing ! ;-)

Cheers, svobi 


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