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> Jeffrey Tooker wrote:
> |
> | Steve wrote:
> |> click on the offending account on the left, and down toward the bottom
> |> left there is a "remove account" button.
> |>
> |> Steve Reilly
> |
> | Steve:
> |
> | Done. I have gotten my Thunderbird email account set up with my ISP
> | Frontier. I can get mail in TB with my Frontier email address. I
> maintain an
> | MSN email address which I use as default.  I have tried to set up an
> | additional TB account for my MSN email address.  The problem seems to be
> | that TB cannot contact the MSN server.  I have talked to MSN TS and they
> | want me to recieve my MSN email online, and do not seem to be
> cooperative
> | about server name and server type.  In looking into my existing Outlook
> | account under service info it says "HTTP mail service provider MSN"
> The TB
> | account Under Server Settings says Server Type: POP mail server.  For
> server
> | name I put in MSN.  When I "get mail" TB fails to connect with MSN
> server.
> | I would like to keep the MSN email address as I have used it for many
> years.
> | Help.
> |
> |
> | Jeffrey Tooker
> | Paynes Creek Ca.
> |
> |
> |
> take a look at this....... ive never done it, but it looks fairly
> straightforward.
> - --
> Steve Reilly

Steve and Jeroen:

I have followed the procedure, loaded the two required packages and
restarted TB. I am now to the Setup, (quoted Below). I can not find "
WebMail options, on the server panel".  I would belive this is in TB, but I
can not find it.

I'll assume you have installed the WebMail extension and at least one of the
optional components, if you haven't please do so. 
first step is to check the WebMail extension is running. Go to the WebMail
options, on the server panel the status of the three servers is displayed.
The status for the enabled server(s) should be "Running". If the WebMail
extension fails to start this could be due to the operating system blocking
ports below 1024, try setting the port to value higher than 1024 and restart

Jeffrey Tooker 
Paynes Ck Ca.

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