Thunderbird Getting Started

Jeroen T. Bezemer jbezemer at
Sun Apr 20 19:43:10 UTC 2008

Jeffrey Tooker wrote:

  The TB
> account Under Server Settings says Server Type: POP mail server.  For server
> name I put in MSN.

Should be something like: or but I am not
familiar with msn-mail. If it works only by webmail, try the
webmail-addon, available via
You need to install the webmail-addon, then restart thunderbird, then
install the hotmail/msn addon, and restart thunderbird again.

Then change the port settings in the webmail-addon to something bigger
than 1024 and restart the server. for example/ease, add 11 before the
numbers given, so it will be 11110 and 11025. (no need for imap-server)

Create an account with the webmail-setting-wizard, or do it manually,
but do not forget to change the port number for the server to the one
written earlier.

   When I "get mail" TB fails to connect with MSN server.
> I would like to keep the MSN email address as I have used it for many years.
> Help.

Regards, Groeten, etc...

Jeroen Bezemer
Baanhoek 271

51N49.441, 4E44.656

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