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Give us your monitor and graphics card specs Jeffrey.


I rebooted the system for the third time and the resolution change worked.  

I have been watching this machine compaired with my dedicated Ubuntu 7.10
machine. The dedicated machine is a PIII 600M CPU with a 40GB HD and nothing
else.  No printer no online and just the disk load for 7.10 without updates.
This one is dual boot with XP.  This one seems to be slower and does not
respond as well.  I know that this is an unscientific value judgement, and
as such is questionable. 

I am waiting for the Hardy down load in a couple of days.  I have had a hard
time with the actual downloading of 7.10 to this dual boot machine, even
after getting around the Bios problem.  If one downloads the Hardy download
when it comes out will it be a complete new download or will it just patch
in over 7.10?  I have no personal stored data on the 7.10 boot side so if I
download a clean new download for Hardy and load it from the CD it should
give me a clean start.  I will now boot up in 7.10 and fight with my printer
for a while.


Jeffrey Tooker 
Paynes Creek Ca.

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