Sharing Bookmark with Ubuntu & WIN Firefoxes ?

Owen Townend owen.townend at
Fri Apr 18 05:24:42 UTC 2008

On 18/04/2008, SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux <i-ubux at> wrote:
> Hello Ubuntu folks
> To avoid discrepancies between the two bookmarks of these two OS'es
> I try to find out how to synchronize resp. reduce these into a single
> one !?
> I heard / read about this possibility !
> How to realize this best and most efficient ?

  The bookmarks are kept in roughly the same place in both windows and
  You could simply write .bat and .sh scripts to copy from one to the other
as needed.
  If you have a gmail account there's also a firefox plugin[2] that may help
automate it.


[1] My login on both is 'owen' and 'C:\' is mounted at '/ntfs/C/'. Here're
the locations for me:
/ntfs/C/Documents and Settings/owen/Application
  There's also a folder 'bookmarkbackups' with datestamped backup copies.

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