Uninstalling Ubuntu

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Fri Apr 18 02:21:24 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-04-18 at 11:28 +1000, Ranmadhu wrote:
> Karl Larsen wrote:
> ...
> >  PLEASE stay with Windows. Your not capable of 
> > using Linux yet.
> >
> >   
> I disagree. If you are willing to learn, and not afraid of making 
> mistakes, then you are definitely seem capable of learning about Linux.
> Ranmadhu

Hi Ranmadhu
I do somewhat disagree with your statement ! ;-)

Ubuntu, if HW is not giving any problems, is very comfortable and easy
to install !!
It's also very easy to start with and use it. ;-))

Absolutely no problems !!! ;-D

Well, if one has problem to decide what to use: Desktop or i386-ALT and 
how to create what and where, i.e. a separate HOME, it's getting more 
complex and needs a previous education or studying respective material !

It's getting even more worse if a system is giving some problems:
It's not like Windoof's drag'n drop and just reinstalling what and
wherever !!

With Linux some basics and experience is really needed to avoid
frustrations !!! ;-)

I dealt with Unix in the 80ies and couldn't have dealt as wished with my
Linux / Ubuntu.
ONLY with the cooperative and kind help from here it got quite
perfect. ;-D

Cheers, svobi

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