Uninstalling Ubuntu

Karl Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Fri Apr 18 00:53:13 UTC 2008

Jeffrey Tooker wrote:
>             Alexander:
> I am trying to uninstall Ubuntu from my computer.  Ubuntu is loaded on a
> seperate disk, not in a partition.  I have tried using the Ubuntu
> installation disk to load the new Ubuntu over the old.  My Dell (PIII) with
> Windows XP will not boot from CD.  I have tried to get into Bios to change
> boot order, as per several instructions and can not.  I found your article
> on uninstalling Ubuntu.  Hence this email.  I have made a system disk.  I
> will download the Gparted CD and follow your instructions.  The only
> difference I have is that my Ubuntu is installed on a seperate HD.  Will
> this cause any problems or changes?
> Jeffrey Tooker 
> Paynes Creek Ca.
    Well if you are able to remove the broken Ubuntu or remove that hard 
drive the Grub will stop working and you will not be able to get to Windows.

    I suggest you read the help on how to re-make the windows boot and 
when you get that done soon I hope, then pull off the hard drive with 
Ubuntu on it and please PLEASE stay with Windows. Your not capable of 
using Linux yet.



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