7.10 No Brown Desktop

Jeffrey Tooker Jeffreytooker at msn.com
Thu Apr 17 15:03:39 UTC 2008

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On Thu, 17 Apr 2008, Jeffrey Tooker wrote:

> I have downloaded Ubunto 7.10. from the internet.  This is not the burn to
> disk version, or at 1 AM the night I loaded it I loaded it straight in.  I
> remember I did not make a disk then.  The program is running, I do not
> how correctly.  7.10 is on a seperate HD by itself.  I have since
> and burned to disk 7.10.  I got the book "The Official Ubunto Book" by
> Benjamin Mako Hill.  Since I have 7.10 installed I went to to chapter
> page 55 "Using the Ubunto Desktop".  I started my way through chapter
> with my computer on and logged into 7.10.  First I have no brown desktop.
> tried following the book directions.  Things only got worse.
> In reading the book it says to boot up the system with the disk in the CD
> drive to install 7.10 from the disk. . It does not boot up from the CD.  I
> believe this is in Windows, but the book is not specific. I am trying to
> install the disk version of 7.10 over the presently installed 7.10.  This
> should clear the drive of the existing program and load the new disk
> of 7.10.  The book also says the system will boot up off of the CD drive.
> believe if I can get the Windows portion to bootup off of the CD drive
> the the installation of the disk version of 7.10 will install. I do not
> how to get this done.  Help!!!!!
> Jeffrey Tooker
> Paynes Creek Ca.

It sounds like you are having trouble burning the .iso and are possibly 
burning the .iso file to the disk as a data file rather than an image. 
Before you get too frustrated and give up I wanted to make sure you were 
aware of the Ubuntu "Ship-It" program which will allow you to order a free 
pre-made Ubuntu CD. You can find info here:


Hope this helps, and good luck!


I have tried booting up with the Ubuntu disk from the Ubuntu book in the CD.
This should be a good CD disk.  Windows computer will not boot from CD disk.
Rember Ubuntu is already installed in the computer in its own seperate HD.
My question remains.  How does one UN INSTALL Ubuntu from within Ubuntu?  I
believe the Ubuntu presently installed on my computer (in its own seperatr
HD) is corrupt. I need to un install Ubuntu.  How do I do it?

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