Evince not printing more than 2 pages of PDF

DigitalPig lizhenqing.fudan at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 14:55:14 UTC 2008

Blaine Fleming <groups at digital-z.com> writes:

> I'm curious if anyone has an idea about why evince is only printing the 
> first two requested pages of PDF files?  I have seen a few bug reports 
> on it but no resolution.  Has there been an update that I'm not 
> finding?  The systems are running Gutsy and I have acroread running but 
> it is a little problematic on these systems.
> Any info would be appreciated.
Did you use cups to manage your printers on your system? If yes, you can
refer to the /var/log/cups to check out the error.log or access.log to
see what happened and paste here. 

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