ubuntu 7.10: finally no need for XP

Ioannis Vranos ivranos at freemail.gr
Thu Apr 17 11:21:29 UTC 2008

Felipe Figueiredo wrote:
> I suspect you'll be positively shocked in a Apr24. From what I've read in 
> the media, things have improved vastly on some major areas, and some bug 
> reports I've been following indicate that most of the issues I've had 
> with 7.10 will be resolved in 8.04..
> Kudos to @ubuntu and @canonical, and welcome to the guild. Please read on 
> properly reporting bugs and do so as often as you encounter them, so we 
> can get it even better.
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs

Personally I think there are some new things in upcoming 8.04 that may
break use of some/many applications (mainly because of the new sound

I will consider moving to "8.10+" thinking that things will have been
fixed until then.

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