Broadcom wireless is driving me nuts!

Tim timfrost at
Thu Apr 17 05:27:45 UTC 2008


On Wed, 2008-04-16 at 20:45 -0700, Keith Clark wrote:

> As an update....I managed to find the correct .inf driver file and this is now what I have to do upon booting up to get my wireless working really well under ndiswrapper:
> sudo modprobe -r b43
> sudo modprobe -r ndiswrapper
> sudo modprobe ndiswrapper
> I just wait a few moments and I'm back up and running with a 54 Mb/s speed rating versus the 1 Mb/s under b43.  
> How do I now make this a permanent change?
You need to blacklist the b43 module.  You should be able to do this
with a line in file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist like
blacklist b43

Note: there is an entry in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist as follows for
# replaced by b43 and ssb.
blacklist bcm43xx

So it may pay to register a bug against the b43 driver for the limited


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