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Owen Townend owen.townend at
Wed Apr 16 14:02:43 UTC 2008

>  ..... it's MY humble opinion that since reading consists of beginning to
>  end, left to right, top to bottom, eMail would be the same....   left to
right, top to bottom.  Top
>  is the beginning of any page or article one reads, and bottom is the end
of such.  Plus it is in the
>  list rules.
>  Joseph

  Agreed, but more than just this, problems arise when multiple posts are
quoted and there is a mix of top and bottom posters. You end up with
blocks like:

>>Which one is?
>>>>>Hit it with a hammer.
>>>>>>How do I fix it?
>>>> Unplug it, clean the connectors and try again.
>>>That's an IBM documented method of starting a dying disk.
>The hammer.

It's not easy to quote, snip or read.


BTW, according to my reader this is the 101st post to this thread.

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