PDF vs Printers

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Wed Apr 16 13:09:55 UTC 2008

Joseph wrote:

> Then I suppose you don't have to.  It was my understanding that all of OO.o components used the same 
> printer settings.  Maybe that was my error, but it would seem that one might attempt to be a little 
> more understanding that some don't know all there is to know about everything that one needs to know 
> something about.
> For the rest of you, who will be a little more congenial, I'm using OO.o Writer.
> Please forgive my boldness here, but rudeness isn't necessary for helping another fellow human being.

Joseph, I just did some testing here myself in Gutsy.  It seems that OO
is now patched so that it uses the the Ubuntu system default printer,
but sadly, as a consequence, will no longer honor the Open Office
default printer (so telling Open Office what printer yo want for a
default will no longer change anything permanently)

Open your System Menu on your gnome panel (default near the top left,
next to Applications menu) then Preferences, then Default printer.  Use
that dialog box to change your default printer system wide.

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