TopPosting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lorenzo Taylor daxlinux at
Wed Apr 16 03:42:51 UTC 2008

Sorry. I can't bottom post. Well, I could, but that causes trouble for
some people. It causes trouble for me and it causes trouble for anyone
who accesses their mail using speech, as it takes much longer to read a
message if one has to arrow down through a bunch of quotes and requotes
of requotes. So I can't do that, since I know it can cause problems. I
try instead to make my messages clear enough to make sense without any
quoting, And if I do quote, I quote as little of any previous message as
possible just to keep my response in context. This is not considered
bottom posting, it's considered inline posting or trimming. Top posting
and bottom posting are both quite bad, but bottom posting is worse.
Trim, trim, trim. And post inline if necessary. And if you can at all do
so, write your posts as chapters in a book, where quoting from previous
chapters is rarely used, but the chapter makes itself clear enough to
the reader that no previous quoting is necessary.

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