Hibernation fails

Ioannis Vranos ivranos at freemail.gr
Tue Apr 15 23:49:53 UTC 2008

John Hubbard wrote:
> I am confused about what the swap partition is. I thought that it was 
> the place that data got written to if you ran out of ram. I usually set 
> up my swap partition so that it is the same size as system mem. I 
> thought that this meant that (for a performance hit) my computer with 
> 1GB of ram would behave like it had 2GB of ram.
> If my above understanding is correct wouldn't it generally be unsafe to 
> save to your mem to the swap partition? If your memory was full and you 
> had anything written in swap you would run out of space. I am not sure 
> how often memory is 'full' but it seems like it would just be too unsafe 
> to risk.

Interesting thought. Perhaps the solution to this is, if there isn't
enough space to swap partition for whatever reasons, hibernation fails.
So perhaps we should define our swap partition to 4 times more than our
RAM approximately with 4 GBs at least, or something like that.

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