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> And KDE is better than Gnome and Apple is better than M$ and
> Republicans are better than Democrats and top posting is better than
> bottom posting.  Are there any other completely subjective opinions
> that I missed?

Let's just ignore the issue of whether top or bottom posting is "better" :)

The point is this: the convention on this list, and every other Linux list
I have ever been subscribed to, is to bottom-post or interpolate when

It's simply polite to follow the convention, whatever your personal view
might be. The conventions are laid out here:

The part relevant to the present thread, (such threads recur every so
often - it's practically a Law that top-posting elicits these threads), is
mainly the section on that page headed "Technical Guidelines".

It seems reasonable for people to read and follow those recommendations,
so that we are all doing the same thing, and threads or replies are easy to


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