iPod support in Linux

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at chrononomicon.com
Tue Apr 15 01:14:09 UTC 2008

Jamie Dobbs wrote:
> I'm thinking about moving back to Ubuntu from Windows but the one thing  I
> must have is support for my iPod nano 3G - is there an itunes like piece of
> software that support the newer iPod for Linux without having to change
> anything on the iPod iteself?

I have an iPod nano that I could use with Windows in a VMWare session 
running iTunes as long as I disabled the high-speed USB daemon.  Slow, 
but I could use it without major problems.

I recently received an iPod Touch and no matter what the VMWare session 
couldn't handle it, so I ended up opting to use a scrap system to just 
install Windows on and use VNC to connect to it and do the updating and 
configuring of the iPod; the computer works headless, just sitting on 
the floor with a keyboard and mouse laying on top and a USB cable 
snaking out.

I knew that some apps like rhythmbox was supposed to support the iPod on 
Ubuntu when you plug it into the USB port, but I remember reading that 
iTunes would still be needed for updates and resetting/reformatting it 
without hoops.  So I compromised first with VMWare then an inexpensive 
junk box that is only used for iTunes that otherwise was going to the 
scrap pile.

Don't know if this input helps you or not...


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