How does one clean a messy fstab ?

SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux i-ubux at
Mon Apr 14 09:35:11 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-04-14 at 07:43 +0200, Nils Kassube wrote:
> SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux wrote:
> > Currently I need your assistance / help how to clean my fstab best and
> > easiest:
> > Lucky, the system starts and runs and seems not to have any acute
> > problems. ;-)
> Hmm, I don't understand, what your problem with your fstab really is. If 
> the system runs as it should, what is wrong?
> Nils

Hi Nils, 
Thanks for your concerns ! ;-)

After a week plus a weekend with very intensive experiments with my
partitioning and many re-considerations how to prepare my future
Multi-OS-Setup I have some minor differences in my blkid / fstab /
drives & mounts with FAT & NTFS drives.

I know I can set these /dev/sdax ...
... but I would like to have these setup properly with their respective
UUID's ;-))

On the other hand I also learnt something important and interesting
about the sequencing of these multiple OS partitions: Adding or deleting
some partitions change the "relative" pointer to their partitions and it
will not start properly anymore if I forget to change menu.lst and/or
fstab !?

So for now I wanted to find out the best, correct and easiest way to
adjust, clean / clear/maintain these important system files (menu.lst,
fstab etc !?) resp to find out which of them are changed properly
dynamic from system and which ones need manual adjustments !?

Just to learn & find out this cycle of relations. ;-D

Cheers, svobi

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