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Jeffrey Tooker wrote:
| Steve:
| Tried your reccomendations below.  When I booted up system GRUB loader
| to screen for choice.  Kernel for loading Ubuntu, Ubuntu single use, other
| systems and Windows.  No recovery kernel.  System will come up in
Ubuntu if
| I do not stop it and choose otherwise.
| Ubuntu is running from the disk which was E in the Windows root directory.
| E is no longer in the Windows Root directory.  The system knows that the
| drive that was E is still in the system as I can find it listed in System
| Info under Components, storage , disks, as a 60G HD which is correct.  I
| would like to find the drive, and reformat it.  This would clear it out.
| Then find it and uninstall it.  It should then be recognized by Windows at
| the next start up and be put back in the root directory of Windows. .  I
| need to find the Ubuntu download which is not for the CD but loads
| into the system. When I downloaded original installation of Ubuntu it
had a
| loader and asked me where to load Ubuntu and I said E drive.  When I
try to
| reload Ubuntu now I only get the load for Ubuntu disk.  I have the disk
| download now on disk here.  It runs the three programs off of my Windows
| desk top.  With the system Ubuntu download I can reload Ubuntu into my
| system and should be back where I started.
| Do we need to find the drive in my system which has Ubuntu on it or will a
| new Ubuntu system download find the disk and over write it and correct the
| problem?
| Jeffrey Tooker
| Paynes Creek Ca.
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| steve wrote:
| |
| | well for starters lets get ubuntu back first...  when you boot you
| | should see a list of kernels you can boot, choose the "recovery" mode on
| | one of them.  if you dont immediately see the kernel list watch closely
| | after post, it will flash at the bottom of the screen "press some key
| | for blah blah blah"  press the key for the list.  after recovery boots,
| | it will give you 3 options.  choose drop to root shell.  then give the
| | command
| |
| | useradd
| |
| | followed by the username you want to add.  it will then ask you for a
| | password.  write it down if you cant easily remember it.  then isuue the
| | command
| |
| | reboot
| |
| | and login with your new name and password.
| |
| |
| |
| |
| then to repair your windows partition see this
| u.html
| theres easier ways, but this explains every step along the way.

Its not immediately clear what you trying to do to me.  I thought you
originally needed to reset your user password, but now you dont mention
anything about it.

When you get to the grub menu can you choose either windows, or ubuntu
and have it successfully boot for each choice?  If so, whats the problem
beyond that....

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Steve Reilly

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