how to install ubuntu to a box without display monitor?

Bob McConnell rmcconne at
Sun Apr 13 19:45:28 UTC 2008

Nils Kassube wrote:
> Joseph wrote:
>> mike wrote:
>>> Or install on another system that has a monitor network etc then move
>>> the harddrive over to the headless system....
>>> -mike
>> You mean that can be done???   I thought it was a little like M$ and
>> couldn't be changed to another computer and work.
> No, there is no intended lock of an installed system to a particular 
> machine. What would be the point, if you are free to install Ubuntu on as 
> many machines as you like? And yes, it usually works, but it isn't 
> guaranteed. One problem is the network card which has the wrong MAC 
> address in the file "/etc/udev/rules/70-persistant-net-rules". So you 
> should delete the entry in that file before moving the drive.
> Nils

It is also possible to build an image and keep it on a tftp server to be 
loaded over the network via bootp or PXE when the machine boots up. That 
was intended for diskless workstations but also works for embedded 
devices and other headless (no console device) processors. The trick is 
to build a kernel image closely matched with the actual hardware you 
need to run it on.

Bob McConnell

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