gFTP and files

Joseph ubuntu at
Wed Apr 9 15:08:34 UTC 2008

I use gFTP for my upload program, however, I've found a couple of things 
I do not quite understand.

First, I can create an html file in my Bluefish, and save the file as 
myfile.html.  I can look in the "File Browser" and it has "myfile.html" 
which is good.

However, when I get out the gFTP and look into the folder, I find the 

This implies that there are two files.  I only want to upload what I've 
saved.  I don't think I can upload multiple files without taking these 
with the "~" in it.

What are they, and how can I rid myself of them?   (unless they are 

Secondly, how can I get the program to remember the last local address, 
and the to remember my log on information for the website (online)?  It 
remember my username and server, but not the password.  I'm the only one 
to use this machine....   so I tend to feel safe with the site.


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