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Tom wrote:
>> I cannot install programs from the desktop environment. I download to
> the desks top and unzip the programs (mostly tar.gz) and it creates a
> folder on the desktop w/ install file in it. I then go to terminal and
> do the sudo apt-get install and the install builds a directory tree then
> gives error message: couldn't find package or file. I was working from
> the tom at tom-desktop$ prompt. What am I not doing right??

If you get a *.deb filem Try dpkg -i (or dpkg --install) packagename 

In any case,  you can open Nautilus (file manager) and click on the file icon to install the package (Gebi installs the package for you).

> Usually tarballs like that are the program source code, not a built
program.  Often (but not always) you do something like './configure &&
make && sudo make install' to build and install the program.   You'll
have to figure out on your own what you need installed before you can
build the new software.   Usually the mailing list of the project
involved is a good place to start if you run into problems.

I would like to see a single command for this in Debian/Ubunt (instead of type  "configure &&
make && sudo make install" , type "make install source" and /or use a GUI for this, in a similar way to Gebi).

Another problem is you have to reinstall when you update your kernel (why ?, there would be a  permanent solution for source installed packages).

Some ideas...



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