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Karl Auer kauer at
Sun Apr 6 22:04:11 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-04-06 at 21:52 +0000, N1UAN Bob wrote:
> ok here are the cmds one works and the other doesnt
> sudo /usr/sbin/net2kiss -i ax0 /dev/ptys3 &   this one works
> sudo /usr/sbin/flexd   this one doesnt work
> the second line that doesnt work is suppose to connect to another program
> and send data to it but has an connect error if i do this cmd from the cmd
> prompt it ask for an password and then it send the data but in the script
> it wont

Sorry, I missed the start of this thread. Please post the exact and
complete command line you are using to execute the script. My guess is
that you are redirecting standard output and/or standard input, and that
this is swallowing your password prompt and/or your password (probably
along with your redirected input). 

Regards, K.

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