[hardy] networkmanager and WEP, and general questions

Francisco Borges francisco.borges at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 12:41:55 UTC 2008

Hello (again)

This email got sent too early. when trying to indent my list with "tab"....


 I have a Intel wireless card, and I can connect to wireless networks which are
  (i) protected with WPA2,
  (ii) unprotected.

But so far, using Hardy, I simply cannot connect to a WEP protected network.

1. Could anyone using a intel wireless card confirm if it can or
cannot connect to a WEP network?

2. Other than that, which are the alternatives to NetworkManager for
wireless connection?


And now some  general NM questions:

3. How do I debug a NetworkManager session?

I can see what it prints in the logs, but I cannot find a way to make
sense of that. As in: how to proceed with debugging when certain
errors appear?

NetworkManager will actually, in a rather irritating display of
programming arrogance, suggest through its logs that I need to get a
new wireless card. While the card works with (unprotected, WEP, WAP)
on Windows, and (unprotected, WPA) networks in Linux. But if I try to
use it in Linux for WEP, I need to "get a better one"? What is that?

4. How do I properly restart it? I can't find anything to do that in /etc/init.d


Thanks in advance to any comments, or suggestions,


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