ethernet oddity

Yannick Le Saint y.lesaint at
Sat Apr 5 08:52:12 UTC 2008

Sandy Harris wrote:
> No. But it says it has dropped a few for transmit and some utterly
> huge number, near 2^32, dropped on receive. No-one as been
> sending to it, except for a ping or two, so that is odd.

You could make sure using wireshark that the device has been receiving
data from the outside and if it has, it might be a firewall problem.

You could also check with ifconfig/wireshark on the other box if it has
been receiving packets and if it has, it might just not reply to ping
from this box for whatever network config related reason.

>>  You could also check your logs /var/log/messages and dmesg.
> Nothing obviously relevant there. Of course, I may have missed it.

Of course, if you think the drivers for your ethernet card may not be
working, you could try more recent drivers with ubuntu beta (hardy) or
debian sid.


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