Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 21:06:20 UTC 2008

On 04/04/2008, Victor Sterpu <victor at ambra.ro> wrote:
>  I am careful.
>  I use Vista, the only system that can cool this laptop at this time.
>  However, the processor is Celeron Mobile and the chanses to burn out are
> slim.
>  I should do more lmsensors research some day.
>  Maybe I can make it cool properly.
>  Or maybe Toshiba will offer a new BIOS upgrade some day.

This may sound extreme, but can you simply wire the fan to 5v
permanently? I've never opened a Toshiba, but Dell laptops come apart
rather easily (except for the wifi antenae leads, which I simply leave
attached). I haven't poked around looking for 5v but it shouldn't be
hard to find.

Dotan Cohen


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